Four Days with Smile Cambodia


KARC and doctor

KARC was invited to join Smile Cambodia in Phnom Penh this month. Smile Cambodia is a medical organization offering various facial surgeries and reconstructive care to children for free. An event was held by a team of students from Australia, Cambodia and Taiwan with help from the Rotary Club in Malaysia. Many of the doctors from Phnom Penh knew about KARC and asked us to join.

Child after surgery at Smile

Baby after surgery

Bart, Eric and Simian helped distribute food to the children in treatment. Bart described their time,

“These families had traveled from all over Cambodia to get this free care for their children, so I knew they must be broke or damn close. So, for 4 days we provided meals for the patients and their families. In all, about 400 box meals and 30+ cases of water and milk was distributed. It was also a great opportunity for us to meet many new doctors who have all promised to help us in the future.”


Photos from top: KARC team (Eric, Simian, Bart) meeting new doctors; KARC feeding children and families after surgery